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Injectable anti-inflammatory

Ketodolor® is an injectable anti-inflammatory containing 100mg/ml ketoprofen for use in cattle, pigs and horses.

Anti-inflammatories are indicated for a wide range of conditions as they provide both pain relief and reduction of the negative impacts of inflammation. This can enable a decrease in the use of antibiotics, swift recovery and rapid return to full production capability.

Ketoprofen is the only non-steroidal anti-inflammatory (NSAID) indicated to:

• Reduce pain associated with lameness and parturient paresis in cattle.

• Improve the recovery rates in acute endotoxic mastitis in cattle, in conjunction with antimicrobial therapy


Product Features & Benefits:

Zero day milk withdrawal, making it easy for farmers to use and no cost of milk discard

• Only one day meat withdrawal following IV administration

• Wide range of indications in cattle, pigs and horses

• In horses treated IV, peak activity has been shown at 12 hours after treatment, with measurable efficacy persisting at 24 hours


Presentations Available: 

  • 100ml bottle