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Cephaguard® DC

Broad spectrum dry cow antibiotic

Cephaguard® DC is a broad spectrum dry cow antibiotic with a short treatment to calving interval. The active ingredient, cefquinome, is a 4th generation cephalosporin providing an excellent spectrum of efficacy against both gram positive and gram negative pathogens. Where susceptibility testing or local epidemiological data indicates its use, Cephaguard® DC provides a highly efficacious and flexible choice of dry cow therapy.

Product Features & Benefits: 

  • Short treatment to calving interval – for dry periods more than 5 weeks, milk withdrawal is 1 day after calving

  • Short meat withdrawal period of only 2 days

  • Antibiotic concentrates in the udder – targeting the source of infection and minimising systemic exposure1

  • Low molecular weight, small particle size and specifically formulated excipient allows the antibiotic to diffuse deep into the udder1

  • High bacteriological cure rates for a large range of pathogens2

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