New Tramvetol® - Licensed Tramadol Tablets for Dogs

Virbac are pleased to announce the launch of Tramvetol®, licensed tramadol tablets for the treatment of acute and chronic pain in dogs.
Tramvetol® is presented in two convenient pack sizes of 30 and 100 tablets to assist practices with dispensing and storage as a Schedule 3 controlled drug. The adaptable, meat flavoured 50mg tablets can also be easily divided into two equal parts to ensure accurate dosing. 

Suitable for both short courses and long-term treatment, 2-4mg per kg of Tramvetol® can be administered every 8 hours or from 6 hours, if required, based on the intensity of the pain. In addition, Tramvetol® has a wide therapeutic window and a maximum daily dose of 16mg per kg.

Commonly used in combination with other forms of analgesia, including NSAIDs1, Tramvetol® is quickly absorbed and boats a rapid onset of action2. Peak plasma concentrations are achieved within 45 minutes3.

‘Tramadol is already an important part of the analgesia toolkit for many veterinary practices’ said Dan Johnson, Product Manager at Virbac.  ‘We hope that Tramvetol® will prove to be a much more convenient option for practices, whilst helping to provide dogs with a better quality, pain free life’.  

For more information on Tramvetol®, or any of the other products in the Virbac analgesia range, please speak to your Virbac Territory Manager. 


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