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Johne’s Disease Vaccine for Sheep and Goats

Gudair® is a one shot for life vaccine that provides a vital tool to aid in the control of Ovine Johne’s disease (Mycobacterium avium subsp. paratuberculosis) in sheep and goats

Vaccination of young animals with Gudair has been shown to reduce mortality due to OJD in infected flocks by up to 90%1.Vaccination also reduces the amount of OJD bacteria shed by up to 90%, reducing pasture contamination1. As such, vaccination provides a pivotal tool in the control of OJD in sheep and goats, particularly as management interventions used in other species are rarely practical in flocks.


Product Features & Benefits: 

  • The only OJD vaccine licensed in the UK

•    Extensive peer-reviewed evidence of efficacy

•    One shot for life makes administration of the vaccine straightforward

•    35 day in-use shelf life once broached


Presentations Available: 

30ml (30 dose) glass bottle


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Further information is available on the SPC or on request from Virbac Ltd.


1. Reddacliffe L. et al. (2006) Efficacy of a killed vaccine for the control of paratuberculosis in Australian sheep flocks. Veterinary Microbiology, 115:1-3, 77-90.

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