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Propofol®-Lipuro Vet

Propofol from Virbac

Propofol®-Lipuro Vet 10mg/ml emulsion for injection is for short acting intravenous anaesthetic for induction and short-term anaesthetic maintenance with a short recovery period.

Product Features & Benefits:

  • 10mg/ml emulsion for injection

  • Short-acting, intravenous, induction and short-term maintenance general anaesthetic for use in dogs and cats.
    Where maintenance of anaesthesia is required, it is provided by incremental doses to effect or by inhalation anaesthetics

  • Contains no preservatives so use can be repeated, even in cats; see data sheet for more information

  • No age restrictions for use and used successfully for induction prior to Caesarean section


Presentations Available: 

Available in boxes of 10 x 20ml bottles


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Further information is available on the SPC or on request from Virbac Ltd.