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There’s more than one way to crack a nut

It is now common for pets to be considered a part of the family and with recent research showing that 25% of pet owners are concerned or very concerned that neutering could be harmful for their dog, Suprelorin® is now playing a key role in practice by providing an effective solution for owners who either want to see the effects of surgical castration or who wish to keep their pet intact

Suprelorin® is a sustained release implant that contains deslorelin acetate (a GnRH super agonist). It is used in healthy, sexually mature dogs and ferrets that have not been neutered to make them temporarily infertile. The implant is inserted subcutaneously, under the loose skin on the back between the lower neck and the lumbar area in dogs and between the shoulder blades in ferrets. Suprelorin effects can be seen at about six weeks in dogs and between five and 14 weeks in ferrets. The effect continues for six months in the case of the 4.7 mg implant for dogs and 12 months in the case of the 9.4 mg implant for dogs (16 months for ferrets), after which the dog and ferret can be re-implanted if necessary.

Suprelorin - How to implant a dog

Everything you need to know about Suprelorin

The active substance in Suprelorin®, deslorelin, acts like the natural hormone gonadotropin-releasing hormone (GnRH) which controls the secretion of other hormones involved infertility. Suprelorin is given as an implant that slowly releases a continuous low dose of deslorelin. This suppresses (blocks) the production of follicle-stimulating hormone (FSH) and luteinising hormone (LH). As a result, in male dogs and ferrets less testosterone circulates in the blood, the dog and ferret stop producing sperm and its libido is reduced.

Product Features & Benefits: 
Enables owners to see the effects of castration before opting for surgery 
Available in packs of two 
Licensed for both dogs and ferrets 
Available as half-yearly and yearly implants

Presentations Available: 
Suprelorin 6 – box of 2 implants – 4.7mg deslorelin
​Suprelorin 12 – box of 2 implants – 9.4mg deslorelin


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Use medicines responsibly.
Further information is available on the SPC or on request from Virbac Ltd.

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Product FAQ

  • 1. What size implant do I choose for a 25kg dog?

    There are two implants available, a 4.7mg and a 9.4mg. The choice of implant is based on the desired duration of suppression and not the size of the dog.

  • 2. What duration of suppression does each implant have?

    The 4.7mg implant suppresses fertility for a period of at least 6 months and the 9.4mg for a period of at least 12 months.

  • 3. When is the dog medically castrated after the implant?

    Normally the serum testosterone has dropped to a castrated level by 3 weeks post implantation but the onset of sterility is from 6 weeks, for the 4.7mg, and 8 weeks for the 9.4mg implants.

  • 4. Is the implant radiodense?

    No. The implant is a waxy substrate so will not be visible on a radiograph. The implant may be located using ultrasound although this is not always possible.

  • 5. Do you need to remove the implant?

    Not if the implant is used for the on label indication. There are some situations where removal is advised and we recommend you consult the Virbac technical team if you are unsure whether there may be a need to remove the implant prior to the natural reversal point.

  • 6. What species are the implants authorised in?

    Both size implants are licensed for use in male dogs and the 9.4mg size is licensed for use in male ferrets. For cascade use in females or other species we advise you speak to the Virbac technical team prior to use to ensure the implant is suitable for the application you are considering.