Suprelorin® Now Offers an Alternative to Surgical Castration in Cats

Virbac is pleased to announce that Suprelorin® 4.7mg Implants for Dogs, the innovative reversible alternative to surgical castration is now also licensed for use in male cats.

Suprelorin® 4.7mg is a sustained release implant containing deslorelin (a GnRH super agonist) which has been EMA and VMD approved for use in male cats from 3 months of age. The implant provides temporary infertility and suppression of urine odour and of sexual behaviours such as libido, vocalisation, urine marking, and aggressiveness in intact male cats. The implant typically lasts for at least 12 months1.

For most cats, within 2 weeks after implantation, testosterone levels drop, followed by reduced testicular volume and reduced size of penile spines from weeks 4-8 after implantation. Sexual behaviours begin to decrease within a week after treatment, starting with reduced vocalisation, followed by reduction in libido, urine odour, urine marking, and aggressiveness from 4 weeks after implantation. Induction of infertility is achieved from approximately 6 weeks.

‘The ability to use Suprelorin in male cats provides an opportunity for practices to offer a choice when it comes to neutering, and to tailor their recommendations to meet the individual needs of both the cat and the client’ says Dr Neil Mottram MRCVS, Technical Product Manager at Virbac. ‘Suprelorin provides an ideal solution for cats where the client wants the benefit of surgery without the permanent loss of fertility, where there is an anaesthetic risk in high value kittens or where there is benefit to allow enough time between neutering, vaccination and homing to minimise stress’.

The implant is inserted subcutaneously, under the loose skin on the back between the lower neck and the lumbar area. Conveniently, implantation is a quick procedure and does not require anaesthesia or hospitalisation, which can be of particular benefit in practices facing pressures on surgical waiting lists.

Suprelorin® 4.7mg has also received a licensed claim in pre-pubertal female dogs for the induction of temporary infertility to delay the first oestrus and heat signs, and to prevent pregnancy at a young age in intact and healthy sexually immature female dogs. The implant should be administered between 12 and 16 weeks of age.

The Virbac Technical Team are available to support veterinary practices with the use of Suprelorin® and can be contacted on 01359 243243.

For more information on Suprelorin®, or any of the other products in the Virbac reproductive range, please speak to your Virbac Territory Manager.

1 Suprelorin 4.7mg Implants for Dogs & Cats Summary of Product Characteristics