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For the treatment of infections caused by organisms susceptible to cefalexin

The first cefalexin designed exclusively for veterinary use and the market leading companion animal cefalexin brand. With proven palatability, Rilexine® is a trusted and reliable brand that is designed for easy dosing and administration.

Product Features & Benefits: 

  • Can be used to treat both dogs and cats meaning only one brand of cefalexin is on the shelf

  • Licensed in dogs for the treatment of bacterial skin infections in dogs (including deep and superficialpyodermas) and urinary-tract infections (including nephritis and cystitis).

  • Licensed in cats for the treatment of cutaneous and subcutaneous infections (wounds and abscesses) and for the treatment of urinary-tract infections (including nephritis and cystitis).

  • Twice daily administration (morning and evening)

  • Divisible and highly palatable, non-coated tablets with published studies available 

  • Scored tablets for easy dosing 

  • Awarded the ISFM 'Easy to Give' Award 

  • Blister packs of 7 for easy weekly prescribing

  • Licensed for use in pregnant and lactating animals (not all veterinary cefalexins have this licence)

  • Dispensing envelopes provided in each box


Presentations Available:

Available in 75mg, 300mg and 600mg strengths in boxes of 210 (30 x 7 blister packs)


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Use medicines responsibly.
Further information is available on the SPC or on request from Virbac Ltd.


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