New VETERINARY HPM Hypoallergy Diet

Virbac is delighted to announce the arrival of VETERINARY HPM Hypoallergy, a new addition to the VETERINARY HPM Clinical Diets range for both dogs and cats.

VETERINARY HPM Hypoallergy is an elimination diet formulated as a targeted solution for adverse food reactions and nutrient intolerances with or without concurrent digestive and skin and coat disorders. Developed to complement VETERINARY HPM Dermatology Support, which is already available, with VETERINARY HPM Hypoallergy Virbac is now able to offer 2 distinct solutions to help manage skin and coat disease.

With no hidden proteins in the carbohydrate sources, VETERINARY HPM Hypoallergy contains hydrolysed salmon protein for high digestive tolerance and optimal nutritional value. Extensive hydrolysis, with a mean molecular weight of 2.1kDa in the cat formulation and 2.7kDa in the dog, ensures hypoallergenic safety whilst managing to maintain the excellent palatability for which the range is known.  

In line with the rest of the range, VETERINARY HPM Hypoallergy has a higher level of animal protein and lower level of carbohydrate than other comparable products on the market for both cats and dogs, providing a clinical diet that is closest to their nutritional needs as carnivores.

‘I am delighted to be able to introduce the much anticipated VETERINARY HPM Hypoallergy to the VETERINARY HPM Clinical Diets range’ said Tracey West, Nutrition Manager at Virbac. ‘As pioneers in dermatology with more than 35 years of experience in this field, Virbac is proud to bring you, not 1 but 2, advanced nutritional solutions to help manage one of the most challenging clinical conditions faced in veterinary practice’.

For more information on VETERINARY HPM Hypoallergy, or any of the other products in the VETERINARY HPM range, please speak to your Virbac Territory Manager.