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EpiRepress® brings reliability and ease of use to the treatment of canine epilepsy with phenobarbital

Easy, accurate and efficient dosing in a small user-friendly pack of 30 tablets

Product Features & Benefits: 

  • Tried and trusted phenobarbital - producing clinical improvement in 85% of cases1

  • User friendly tablet delivery - convenient and conventional 60mg tablets which can be split into 4 for flexible dosing and in easy-to-dispense packs of 30.

  • The small pack size means closer monitoring, increasing owner compliance and a datasheet given out with every prescription.

  • Innovative practice support from Virbac to assist in diagnosis, management and compliance.


Presentations Available: 

Unique 30 tablet packs of 60mg phenobarbital


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Use medicines responsibly.
Further information is available on the SPC or on request from Virbac Ltd.


1. Podell, M., Volk, H. A., Berendt, M., Loscher, W., Munana, K., Patterson, E. E., & Platt, S. R. (2016). 2015 ACVIM Small Animal Consensus Statement on Seizure Management in Dogs, Journal of Veterinary Internal Medicine, 30, p477-490.